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By | June 8, 2017

Confidence – How to Build it!

As we think, so shall we be. If we believe ourselves to be unattractive, we will appear unattractive. If we believe that we are not important, we will treat ourselves poorly. In addition, we will let others treat us poorly, and we will suffer a lot of emotional turmoil because of it. We then find ourselves in patterns of abuse and neglect (and self-abuse and neglect), and we wonder why. If we lack confidence, we lack conviction. We become doormats. People will treat us the way we allow ourselves to be treated. Very often, all this goes on unbeknownst to us, deep in our unconscious minds, below the surface.

Affirmations for Positive Body Image

Affirmations to help you develop a strong, healthy body image, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Meditations for a Healthy Body Image

Meditations you can practice morning and night to help improve your self-image and promote health and wellness.

Quotations on Health & Self-Image

Great inspirational and motivational quotes to help you focus on health, wellness, and a healthy body image.