How Butterflies Can Change Your Life

By | June 14, 2017

Butterflies are among God’s most beautiful and amazing creatures on earth. They metamorphose from eggs to larvae to pupae to the beautiful multi-colored creatures that we see fluttering about our flowers, gardens, and elsewhere. And they aren’t just fluttering around for nothing. They serve a very useful purpose in nature. They pollinate flowers and thereby we are blessed with even more beautiful colorful things to look at and to cheer us up and enrich our lives.

Your thoughts are much like butterflies. They too flutter about in your conscious mind. They also are able to change from one stage to another and eventually grow into beautiful or not so beautiful creations that flutter about in our lives and affect us in more ways than we can dare to imagine.

They start out as simple little tiny creations and transform into larger more significant processes that eventually become part of our reality in life. This can be positive and also negative for us. It can be good and also it can be not so good in our lives.

They can pollinate our lives and enrich us with beautiful things, like love, and happiness, peace of mind, and even material possessions, wealth, property, etc. They can also poison our lives and fill us with emptiness, loneliness, poverty, unfulfilled dreams, loss of faith and hope, depression, anger, hate, and sundry other things that are usually not so good for our lives.

Think about this very seriously now. Everything you are and have achieved or gotten up to this point is mostly a direct result of the thoughts that you have nurtured throughout your life. All the things you have achieved and all that you have failed to achieve is a result of your thinking up to this point. What you have thought about the most is what you essentially has made you what you are today.

Your dreams, your hopes, your goals, everything you have thought about most of the time is what you have received as a result of those processes. Did you aim high, or did you aim too low? Do you have everything that you have desired, or are there many things lacking in your life?

What makes some people rich and wealthy or full of success, and others seem to fail and achieve little of what it is they have always desired and hoped for? Is it luck, or genetic, or some sort of secret they don’t know that others do?

Yes, it is a secret, in a sense. It is one of the strangest secrets on earth. And yet it is everywhere for anyone who chooses to find it. Quite simply it boils down to one simple fact. What you think about most of the time is what you become. Everything you have ever achieved or acquired, and everything you have ever failed to do or get, is a direct result of what you have constantly programmed your mind to do up to this point in time.

Believing is what made it happen. Anytime you believed in yourself enough to reach a goal, you reached it because believing is what made it happen. Your thoughts are what started the wheels turning, and your belief is what kept you trying and trying until you achieved your goal. If you wanted it bad enough you usually got it, because you didn’t give up until you did.

Thoughts are the first step of creation. Thoughts that are focused on goals turn into actions. And actions eventually bring about results. When they don’t, it is often because you lost faith and gave up too soon. We’ve all done this at one time or another. Yes. And we’ve all wanted something so badly that we kept on trying and trying until we got it.

Now why can’t we do the same process with everything? Why can’t we achieve all our dreams and goals as surely as those that we have? Because we haven’t been applying the same process of thinking in all instances, as we did in the case of our success. We only had faith in some things, and totally gave up on others, too soon, because perhaps they seemed too difficult, or perhaps we just didn’t believe strongly enough in ever achieving what we wanted or that we could.

Your thoughts are like butterflies, fluttering about in different directions. The big difference is that each butterfly has a goal and purpose. And often your thoughts are just not focused on a goal and achieving a good purpose in your life. What you need to do is learn how to guide them to serve a useful purpose for you. Goals.

Learn how to cherish the good thoughts and discard, cancel out bad thoughts. Focus on those thoughts that help you to be all that you want to be and to acquire all those things your heart has always desired, be they material or otherwise. It’s not that difficult. It may seem so at first, but what doesn’t? After a while it becomes automatic; like a good habit.

Think it, believe it, and do it.

Pull those old dreams back off the shelf and go to work on fulfilling them. Right now. You can if you think you can. It’s been done millions of times before by millions of people. And the people with the most success are the ones that have mastered the butterflies. You can too.

About the Author:
Dare to dream and believe. Believing is what makes it happen.

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