Allowing a State of Wellness

. . . One Thought at a Time . . .

“If you want to attract it, you need to focus on it!”

This is common advice given by many Law of Attraction teachers, and it is absolutely valid and true.

However, when it comes to manifesting a state of wellness in your body, it is often easier said than done, right? If you are currently dealing with an illness or a condition that causes discomfort, it’s not easy to focus on wellness. You keep trying to visualize yourself being well, but your symptoms, pain, fear, worry and doubt keep coming back with a vengeance.

How can you NOT focus on what’s happening in your body right now?

How can you focus on feeling well when you DON’T feel well at all?

How can you trust that you’re going to get well when you really don’t believe it?

In situations like this, it seems impossible to change anything.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not impossible. It may be a little more challenging to attract wellness but it’s definitely possible.

Changing One Thought at a Time

In order to manifest a state of wellness, you have to find ways to keep the majority of your thoughts focused on the outcome you WANT, which is good health, strength, vitality, and well-being.

You have to find ways to minimize your focus on the conditions you DON’T want, like fatigue, weakness, and all of those aches and pains that come along with various conditions.

However, you have to do this incrementally. You can’t do it all at once. Maybe you’ve tried that before so you know that it just doesn’t work.

Rather than trying to overhaul your entire thought process instantly, you will get much better results if you start changing just one thought at a time. That means balancing your thoughts by spending a little more time focusing on the good things you want, and doing your best to gradually turn away from focusing on the things that bother you, worry you, or frighten you.

Eventually, as you keep practicing this day by day, it becomes much easier to stay focused on the things you want, and remove your attention from the things you don’t want.

And the more consistently you can practice doing this, the faster you’re going to feel the results in your body!

Your Guide to Wellness

Shifting your thoughts from illness to wellness, from strain to ease, and from fear to joy is not always a smooth process. Sometimes it can be scary and confusing. If you have ever wished that you had someone to guide you on your journey to wellness, my brand new Wellness Meditation can help!

With soothing music and vocals, I guide you into a calm, relaxed state. I help you to quiet your thoughts and relax your body so you are open and receptive to thoughts of wellness.

I walk you through some easy exercises that help you to imagine brilliant healing energy flowing through every area of your body, soothing away discomfort and pain, and helping you to feel comfortable and peaceful.

I help you to tune in to the reality of your body being as strong, vibrant and healthy as it could possibly be. I help you connect to the essence of well-being right NOW, no matter where you are along your healing journey.

And finally, I help you to feel a deep sense of love and compassion for your body, allowing fear and anger to fade away. Your body becomes your friend, working WITH you to create a welcome state of joyful wellness.

This soothing MP3 meditation is 10 minutes long, so you can easily listen to it when you have a little spare time. I recommend listening to it at least once a day to help shift your thoughts toward the wellness you want, and away from the challenges you may already be experiencing.

In short, this meditation will help you “focus on it to attract it!”

BONUS Included!

I am also including a copy of my brand new PDF guide, “Healing Thoughts: Using the Law of Attraction for Wellness“.

This guide shares lots of helpful tips on turning your attention away from the things you no longer want to create, such as pain, discomfort, and limitations.

I share plenty of tips for moving your body into a peaceful, calm state so you will be much more receptive to healing thoughts, and I show you how to start EASING your way into wellness-based thoughts, one little thought at a time.

If you haven’t been enjoying the level of physical well-being that you truly want, these tools will help you to start shifting gently toward better health, mentally, emotionally, and physically.



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