Self-Worth Meditation

Release Feelings of Unworthiness and Thrive!

Your self-worth can affect virtually all areas of your life by allowing or resisting the things that would make you most happy.

If you don’t believe you deserve to have the things you want (whether it’s more money, a loving relationship, a successful business, a healthy, trim body, or anything else) you will consistently block them from coming into your experience.

This is one of the BIGGEST BLOCKAGES that people encounter when they try to use the Law of Attraction, or even when they are trying to make any positive changes in their lives.

Let me ask you an important question: Do you really think you deserve the things you want?

You might be tempted to answer quickly, “Yes, of course I do.” — But take a moment to ponder that question. Focus your attention deep, deep down inside of yourself.

Do you FEEL truly WORTHY of the things you want in life?

Do you think that you are a good person who deserves genuine happiness, love, peace, and prosperity in life?

Or, like so many other people, do you sense a sinking, empty feeling inside…like you are somehow lacking when compared with other people?

Only you will know if your self-worth is at a healthy level or not. And if it’s not, you will struggle to allow the wonderful life conditions you want so badly.

How Low Self-Worth Limits You

You may think that low self-worth doesn’t really matter. You may think that you can still visualize and recite affirmations and vision-board your way to the wonderful things you want.

Yes, you may be able to achieve some results with those techniques initially, but if you suffer from low self-worth, they probably won’t last.

Instead, you will start sabotaging yourself so that you can’t keep up the great results you were just starting to enjoy.

Or you will inadvertently attract some big obstacles, chaotic relationships, betrayals, failures, or other setbacks that will put you right back where you started.

NONE of this happens accidentally!

It happens because your perception of your own worthiness acts as a ‘gatekeeper‘ that determines how much goodness you will allow into your life. While you may be able to temporarily bypass this barrier with a strong enough intention, you will continue to bounce back to your default level of vibration until you change it PERMANENTLY.

When You Truly Value Yourself…

When you begin improving your self-worth, the outer results start happening almost instantly, and in very obvious ways!

All of those wonderful things you’ve been trying to attract, sometimes for years, suddenly start appearing, simply because you are no longer feeling guilty and uncomfortable about receiving them. So they begin manifesting spontaneously, as if by magic. (It’s not really magic, but it sure can seem like it sometimes!)

You might also start receiving a flood of creative, inspired ideas that will quickly help you to achieve your most important goals. Even though you desperately wanted the ideas before, you simply weren’t open to receive them when you felt so low about yourself, emotionally.

Your relationships (romantic, personal, and business) may start to improve as well, simply because you have improved your relationship with yourself (which is the relationship that ALL other relationships mirror in your life).

Even your health can drastically improve when you heal your self-worth, simply because you will treat your body with a lot more kindness, gentleness, and better health habits.

Having a healthy level of self-worth can help you to improve ALL areas of your life with much more speed and ease.

Why? Because you will no longer be sending CONFLICTING SIGNALS to the universe.

Think about it for a moment: When you suffer from low self-worth, you are essentially saying to the universe, “Please, send me all of this great stuff that I want very much! Oh, never mind. I don’t deserve it. Forget I asked…”

The universe does not question our beliefs. It simply abides by them. It sees our beliefs as COMMANDS, and responds to us accordingly.

How Do You Heal Your Self-Worth?

If you are still reading, there is a good chance that you suspect your self-worth is low.

Maybe you struggle with feelings of inadequacy, emptiness, failure, and low self-confidence. Maybe your life circumstances are not even close to what you want them to be, and you know that some deeper part of you is blocking your progress.

So, the next obvious question is: Is it possible to heal your self-worth?

The tricky thing about self-worth is that it is mostly a SUBCONSCIOUS belief.

Consciously, logically, intellectually, you may know that you are just as deserving as everyone else. You may not see any clear reason why you shouldn’t have the amazing lifestyle you want.

But your concept of self-worth resides far beneath your conscious powers of logic and reason. It lurks way down in the murky waters of your emotions.

Even if you LOGICALLY know that you are worthy, you may not FEEL worthy on an emotional level. Very often, this is due to painful life experiences such as rejection, betrayal, or failure. Maybe they even go all the way back to your childhood.

Whatever the causes were, the result is that you don’t FEEL WORTHY, so your belief is that you are NOT worthy (despite what your logical mind might say about it).

To heal your self-worth, you need to do it on an EMOTIONAL level first, which will allow you to access those old, long-standing, strongly-reinforced beliefs about your value as a person.

There are several different ways to do this, but one of the most effective is through guided meditation and visualization.

Accessing and changing subconscious beliefs is usually easier and more effective when you are in a relaxed, receptive state of mind.

Meditation allows you to let down your inner defenses and plant some positive new beliefs that are tied to healthy, positive emotions. With consistent repetition, they will bypass and override any old, negative beliefs that are currently residing in those murky, emotional waters we covered a few minutes ago.

Begin Healing Your Self-Worth Today!

Our Self-Worth Meditation MP3 is just over 15 minutes long, and helps you to connect to the part of you that is most deeply aligned with your current level of self-worth.

You will communicate with this important aspect of yourself, and begin the process of healing the fractured, flawed sense of self you have carried for years, decades…maybe your entire life!

With loving words and inspiring imagery, you will heal and transform this wounded part of yourself and begin internalizing your new TRUTH – that you are lovable, important, valuable, and good enough, exactly as you are.

This meditation will help you to shed the belief that you must ‘DO’ something, or be an overachiever in order to be good enough. It will help you to finally KNOW that you are ALREADY good enough, no matter your successes or ‘failures.’

Listen daily to quickly absorb these empowering new messages and change the way you see yourself, forever.

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