Create an Easy Gratitude Practice That Works

By | June 15, 2017

Most people would probably agree that a daily gratitude practice is beneficial and can change your life in powerful ways. But many people would also argue that it’s a major challenge to keep up with a gratitude practice.

It’s not easy to feel grateful when you’re overwhelmed by stress, negativity, and struggle.

Maybe you’ve even tried keeping a gratitude journal and wrote down a few things that you were grateful for each day. Maybe you even kept up this practice for months or years.

Did you get good results from that activity?

Sadly, many people would answer NO to that question.

If gratitude is so powerful, how come it doesn’t always work?

The problem is not with gratitude itself, but with how it is used.

Most gratitude exercises are purely mental. You think about something you are grateful for, maybe write it down, and then move on to the next item. There isn’t much time or incentive to stimulate genuine FEELINGS of gratitude.

And when it comes to gratitude, the feelings are the most important part!

If you’re not feeling grateful – truly, deeply, GENUINELY grateful – nothing will change. You just spent a few minutes on an activity that’s not going to get you the results you wanted.

It’s unfortunate, because a daily gratitude practice – when it’s done RIGHT – can change your life in incredible ways. It can inspire you, empower you, strengthen you, make you more resilient, and just make you feel extremely happy. And those are just the inner changes.

A daily gratitude practice can also bring about amazing outer changes, like better health, more money, better relationships, and greater success.

How can gratitude do all this?

Because gratitude helps shift your mindset from a negative place to a positive, empowered, optimistic place.

When you feel empowered and optimistic, you take productive actions to improve your life, rather than destructive actions that will keep you stuck.

So, how can you create a daily gratitude practice that really WORKS for you and helps you to bring about all of these great changes?

The key lies in your feelings.

You need to use gratitude exercises that actually make you FEEL grateful, rather than just THINKING about being grateful.

You may very well BE grateful for the good things in your life, but you don’t take time to really focus on it so you don’t FEEL that deep sense of gratitude.

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