Be Grateful for Challenges

By | June 13, 2017

Is it possible to feel grateful for the challenges you face on a daily basis? Yes, if you get into the habit of recognizing the benefits the challenges offer to you! What benefits, you ask?

We tend to think of challenges as big mountains that stand between us and our goals. That seems like a bad thing at first glance. But ask any mountain climber about the benefits they gain from conquering such rough terrain and they would probably talk your ear off about overcoming fears, sharpening focus, physical strength and building character. Mountains don’t seem like such a bad thing to them.

What lessons can we learn from these brave souls?

One of the most powerful lessons that comes to mind is the ability to switch perspective. Rather than seeing a mountain as an impossible obstacle, these people see a mountain as a welcome test of their strength and endurance. They see it as an opportunity to thrill and inspire themselves, stretch their limits and push themselves to greater levels of achievement and self-mastery.

Are you beginning to see how this same mind-set can be used in your own goal achievement?

Whether your mountains are literal or figurative, stop seeing them as dead-ends. Stop letting them intimidate you and instead let them fuel your determination to succeed anyway. When you stand at the foot of a mountain and gaze up toward the peak hidden in the clouds, don’t focus on the difficult climb ahead but on the benefits you stand to gain in the process.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can this challenge teach me about myself?
  • What parts of myself can this challenge help me develop?
  • What natural skills and abilities can I use to help me through this challenge?
  • What will I gain by working through this challenge?

And then, most importantly – be GRATEFUL for the OPPORTUNITY! A challenge can only intimidate you if you let it. It can only stop you in your tracks if you sit down and stop climbing.

If you instead learn to see your mountains as a welcome opportunity to stretch and grow beyond where you are now, you will never encounter a mountain that can’t be climbed. You will develop your own system for mental and physical preparation, and you will come to enjoy the thrill of the challenge.

Let gratitude become your climbing partner. The more grateful you are for the experiences that strengthen you, the more worthwhile the journey will seem when you finally stand at the top of that mountain.

Having a Hard Time Feeling Grateful?

You may very well BE grateful for the good things in your life, but you don’t take time to really focus on it so you don’t FEEL that deep sense of gratitude.

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