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Gratitude Articles

A collection of articles all about gratitude, its benefits, and how to use it to attract more goodness into your life.

  • Creating an Easy Gratitude Practice That Works
    A daily gratitude practice can change your life in amazing ways, but too often people get very limited results from their gratitude practice. The reason why many gratitude exercises fail is because you aren't generating genuine FEELINGS of gratitude - you're just THINKING about feeling grateful.
  • Start With Just One Day of Gratitude
    Has adopting an attitude of gratitude been a challenge for you? Do you start each day with the best of intentions and then find yourself losing focus as you encounter more and more negativity? The problem stems from trying to change the habits of a lifetime in one fell swoop! If you've spent a large portion of your life not focusing on gratitude, you can't expect yourself to change your whole mind-set immediately.
  • Let Gratitude Be Your Mirror
    Have you ever heard that the people and situations in our lives mirror back what we project out? You can probably remember plenty of times when this seemed to be so. For example, perhaps you awoke one morning in a grumpy mood - and then proceeded to encounter one grumpy person after another during the rest of the day. Or you felt overwhelmed with problems - and seemed to attract dozens more problems, both minor and major.
  • Easy Ways to Count Your Blessings
    You may have heard the phrase, "count your blessings" before, but how often do you actually do it? Do you pause to feel grateful when something good happens? How about when you need an emotional boost? Counting your blessings is one sure way to develop a constant mind-set of gratitude, which can turn a mundane life into a miraculous life.
  • Gratitude is a Miracle
    A miracle is traditionally defined as an extraordinary event by divine intervention, but we also use the word to describe an occurrence that was previously thought to be impossible. Gratitude can be one of these miracles in your life if you let it. How? By giving you the power to turn any difficulty, any challenge, or any heartache into a blessing.
  • Discover Your Life Purpose with Gratitude
    If you rarely make the effort to feel grateful, you are probably familiar with a pervasive sense of boredom, frustration, dissatisfaction and emptiness. Even if your life circumstances are bearable for the most part, you might still feel a bit disconnected and aimless on a regular basis. A shift toward a more appreciative mind-set can trigger incredible changes in your life - one of which is inspiring you to move toward the activities that speak most deeply to your spirit. In other words, your life purpose!
  • Gratitude Can Birth New Beginnings
    Gratitude can help you remember that along with the darkness of every ending comes the dawn of a new beginning. Gratitude can smooth the sharp edges of any painful experience and usher in a more gentle transition that contributes to your personal growth. Finally, gratitude can help you shed the burden of unhealthy situations in order to clear a space for something better to arrive in your life.
  • How Gratitude Can Improve Your Attitude
    Few things can affect your overall quality of life as powerfully as your attitude can. Your attitude affects your career, your relationships, your hobbies, and even your financial status. Most people discover that when they improve their attitude, everything else in their lives seems to improve also. A daily practice of gratitude is one simple way to give yourself a painless attitude adjustment because it reduces your temptation to focus on more "negative" mind-sets.
  • Being Grateful for Challenges
    We tend to think of challenges as big mountains that stand between us and our goals. That seems like a bad thing at first glance. But ask any mountain climber what benefits they gain from conquering such rough terrain and they would probably talk your ear off about overcoming fears, sharpening focus, physical strength and building character. Mountains don't seem like such a bad thing to them.
  • How to Choose an Attitude of Gratitude
    How often are you grateful? Like many people, you probably focus on gratitude when something great happens in your life, and maybe once a day on Thanksgiving. If you are part of a rare group of people, you might actually keep a daily gratitude journal and take time to reflect on your blessings regularly.

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