Ring Out the Old, Ring in the You: Resolutions into Reality

By | June 12, 2017

by Reggie Odom

The turning of the New Year is a time filled with wonderful expectancy and excitement about what’s possible. There is an energy of vitality and aliveness, of new beginnings and directions. Our dreams and deepest desires rise forth in this shifting of the years. We notice our yearning to become more of who we’ve always wanted to be – our more authentic, best selves. We want to live our lives in ways we’ve only let ourselves glimpse at times. And we want to let go of what no longer “fits” with who we are or are becoming.

The New Year is an auspicious time to let go and begin anew. Both the historical tradition and the “mastermind effect” of making resolutions in the New Year empower us to say “yes” to living our deepest desires and passions, and our willingness to take the steps that will lead us down that path. The “mastermind effect” is the synergy and excitement that occurs when two or more people come together for a common purpose and in the spirit of harmony. Imagine deliberately tapping into the power of the millions of people who are making resolutions for their lives at this time.

The gremlin of “shoulds” is also alive and well at this time of the year. The gremlin that tells you in no uncertain terms what you did wrong this past year and what you “should” be and do in the coming year. Did you notice what happened to your energy as you read the first two paragraphs and then this gremlin paragraph? You likely went from feeling excited and light hearted to feeling burdened and even somewhat deadened. Most certainly the flame of passion and aliveness got snuffed a bit.


Now that you have an immediate sense of the difference between “dreams, desires and passion,” and “shoulds”, I invite you to let go of “shoulds” as the touchstone for your resolutions, your goals and your life, and make a decision instead to live from passion. Since you have access to the energy behind this tradition of resolutions and the “mastermind effect” of the millions of people identifying new beginnings for their lives, it is a perfect time and way to begin.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths and going deep inside your own heart and soul. Go into the very core of who you are until you get to the fire that burns inside you – the fire of life – your deepest desires and passions. What are your deepest desires for your life in terms of “being” and “living” rather than specific goals? Some examples are “spending quality time with my family,” “having a high degree of financial comfort,” “being a writer, or marathon runner, etc.,” “being masterful in my work,” “making a positive difference to others,” “being internationally recognized in my field,” “living simply,” “being optimally healthy,” and the list goes on.


Now take a few minutes to write down 10 – 20 of your deepest desires for your life. Look at what you most love to do, the kinds of people with whom you most love spending time, what you are most passionate about, where you feel happiest, when you feel the most naturally yourself and what most inspires you. Look into the areas of relationships, spirituality, personal growth, career or livelihood, money, health and fitness and physical environment.

Once you have your list, take a few moments to look through it and notice what most lights up for you. Now is the time to be discerning because you can’t focus on everything and they all don’t hold the same importance. Select the five deepest desires you have for your life at this moment. Now read through the five you selected. They may take your breath. Certainly they will give you a feeling of greater aliveness. If you are saying to yourself, “I don’t know how this could ever happen,” here is an important principle to remember – you don’t have to know “how” your deepest desires will manifest or be achieved. The most important thing by far is that you know what they are and focus on that. The rest will be revealed. Really!


Now you have your focus for 2007! What do you do with it? How do you turn these desires into reality? You have already taken the first step by getting clear about what’s most important to you. Next, write down your five deepest desires for 2007 in several places – make sure there is one on your computer, one in your wallet and one in some other place where you will see it at least once a day. You have now taken two important steps in manifesting your dreams – you are clear about what they are and you have written them down.

There are two additional steps that will clinch your success. Spend time quietly each day imagining yourself living your deepest desires. In your imagination you are already there. How do you feel? Where are you? What are you doing? Who is around you? What are you wearing? How are you interacting with others? What are your relationships like? How are you spending your time? Each time you see one of the written visual reminders of your five desires, stop for a moment and imagine how it feels to be living them. Your imagination will continue to flesh out the picture in a way that will engage all of your senses – including your sixth sense – intuition.

Through your intuition you will be inspired by many things such as ideas, books, or conversations to guide and direct your actions. Taking inspired actions is the final step and will guide you to the accomplishment of your deepest desires. For each inspired action that you take, the next one will be presented. Taking these actions is evidence of your commitment, which can be simply defined here as aligning your actions with your desires.

Do you know what a powerful process you have set in motion? You have connected with and engaged your passion which is truly the energy of success. You have identified and chosen to focus on your deepest desires which come from your heart and soul. Now, they will work together synergistically – and you will be working in alignment – rather than at odds, with your most authentic self. You will also be using powerful tools of manifestation – clarity, focus, writing, consciously using your imagination and taking inspired actions. If you follow these steps your success is assured.


While goals are not an aspect of this particular process you can also set any goals you want. Simply do a passion check for each one. Am I passionate about this goal? Does it make me come alive? Does it express the spirit of my deepest desires for my life? Goals, which are very specific and measurable, work well for some people and not as well for others. If setting goals works for you, setting yearly goals, monthly goals and weekly goals are all helpful. After setting your yearly goals, set goals each month to support them, and set goals each week which support your monthly goals. All the goals are expressions of your five deepest desires.

Remember true resolutions imply resolve – they are about staying the course until the miracle happens, until your deepest desires become your reality! You have the process! With it, everything is working together for your greatest good! May this be your best year yet!

Remember, You are a natural! You are brilliant! You are magnificent! Simply by being you! Let your light shine!

Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC is the founder of Inspired Works a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Simmons College School of Social Work. She is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. Reggie coaches professionals and practice-based entrepreneurs who want more joy and greater aliveness. http://www.reggieodom.com

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