Blissfully Detached Course

This is a 30-day course with daily inspiration, techniques, and tools that will help you to gradually and easily LET GO of the things that are keeping you miserable. You will discover easy techniques for recognizing when you are emotionally attached, and gently releasing those attachments. Most importantly, you will DISSOLVE the BLOCKAGES that have held you back for so long, maybe for years. You will enter into an easy ‘flow’ where things just work for you, without you having to force them to go the way you want. ‘Blissfully Detached’ will allow you to create your best life without all of the struggle that usually comes along with outer transformation. Full details

Opening to Receive Course

This life-changing course will help you create powerful, positive shifts in your life over the next 30 days. Each day we will focus on one aspect of RECEIVING, such as: knowing you DESERVE good things, without having to work hard or sacrifice; asking the universe for exactly what you want – knowing you WILL receive it; believing that the universe WANTS to give you great things; releasing resistance and constriction in your energy system; affirming the truly UNLIMITED nature of the universe; and much more! You will re-train your mind with quick and easy exercises that will help you shed your resistance to receiving, and you will create a solid set of positive, new beliefs that will help you to start opening to receive in all areas of your life. Full details

Better Beliefs Course

Our Better Beliefs program will help you challenge all of those old, pesky beliefs that have been holding you back…sometimes for years! We are going to question the things that we see as “true” and ask ourselves, “Do I want this to be true for me?” If the answer is NO – we are going to do something to change it. Weekly course lessons, exercises and tools will help you uncover your limiting, destructive beliefs and start forming BETTER BELIEFS! Never again will you be clueless about the beliefs that are holding you back. Never again will you feel powerless about how to make the changes you desire. Never again will you wonder, “Why does this keep happening to me?” You will finally understand WHAT is holding you back and WHY, and you will know exactly WHAT to do about it. Full details

Bulls-Eye Manifesting

For the next 30 days, come along on a journey that leads directly to the “bull’s-eye” – the HEART of your desires! Cut out all of the distractions and diversions that have been delaying your most cherished manifestations, and tune into the very core of what you want and focus on that so you can start attracting it much faster and easier than you have in the past. Every day for 30 days you’ll receive a new tip, insight, idea, inspiration, or exercise that you can put into action. They will be EASY, FUN, TARGETED, and EFFECTIVE! Discover how to identify your TRUE goal, the goal behind the goal, how to energize and empower your vision, how to avoid getting caught up in the “how,” how to build trust with the universe, how to deal with limiting beliefs and doubts, and much more! Full details

Releasing Resistance

“Resistance” is caused by negative thoughts, which triggers negative emotions. This limits your results with the Law of Attraction because you can only receive situations and experiences that MATCH your dominant focus. This life-changing guide offers 11 easy exercises that are guaranteed to release resistance! They will allow you to tune into the essence of what you are trying to attract; get clear about WHY you want your chosen desires; use the power of appreciation and gratitude to ease feelings of dissatisfaction; effortlessly tune into your “new reality” and start drawing it forth in living color; create new “TRUTHS” in every area of your life – and change your powerful perceptions as a result; and fully let go and TRUST the universe to handle your manifestations. Full details

Daily Inspiration for Abundance

Daily Inspiration for Abundance is a 30-day course that will help you to develop a powerful abundance mind-set, one little thought at a time! All files include PDF and MP3 formats, so you can read/listen to the material as you wish. We will focus on topics like growing a bigger income, inviting financial freedom, positive expectations about money, releasing worry, doubt and fear, opening to the flow of financial EASE, and much more! Each day will feature a written inspiration as well as an audio MP3 that you can download and take with you, and a targeted affirmation that you can recite all day as you go about your daily activities.  Full details

Daily Inspiration for Wellness

Daily Inspiration for Wellness is a 30-day course that will help you to focus on positive thoughts regarding many aspects of wellness, strength, vitality, and physical well-being. We will cover reconnecting with your body’s wisdom, tuning in to the essence of well-being, holding positive expectations about your body, releasing worry and fear, opening to the flow of healing energy, trusting your body, and much more! PDF and MP3 formats included. Each day will feature a written inspiration as well as an audio MP3 that you can download and take with you, and a targeted affirmation that you can recite all day as you go about your daily activities.  Full details

Align Your Vibration

This 30-day course includes fun games, exercises, and meditations that will boost your frequency and help you move into a state of joyful alignment. Simply set aside approximately 15 minutes a day to use the exercises and, most importantly, have fun! Within one month, you will shift your frequency into a much higher, positive place so you come into alignment with the wonderful things you want to attract. Coming into alignment with these wonderful things can be FUN and EASY. In just MINUTES A DAY you can drastically raise your vibration so that attracting the things you want will be natural and easy. Even better, once you know how to come into alignment with the things you want, you can simply keep repeating the same steps to attract more and more great things, for the rest of your life. Once you know how to do it, it’s easy to keep doing it! Full details