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Managing Stress Naturally with Relaxation Therapy

by Terri R. Marshall, CHSMS (Article featured in the Anne Arundel Women’s Journal June/July 2009 issue) Today few people can say they are immune to the effects of stress. For most of us, life seems to become busier and more hectic with each passing year. Stress reduction is critical in maintaining good health; however, it is unrealistic to… Read More »

The Benefits of Rest and Relaxation

With the rushed busyness of our hectic lifestyle, we often underestimate the power of relaxation. Most of us have a massive to-do list each day, and we feel we can’t afford to slow our pace or we’ll quickly fall behind. However, we fail to acknowledge the ways that relaxation can increase our stamina, clear our thoughts, and allow… Read More »

Taking Care of You: 25 Great Ways to Self-Nurture

by Terri R. Marshall, CHSMS Self-nurturing is taking care of yourself. Many people put themselves at the bottom of their own list of priorities. The result is burnout, exhaustion and resentment. We are unable to be at our best if we don’t take time out for ourselves to rest, relax and renew. Self-nurturing does not have to be… Read More »

10 Tips for a Relaxing Holiday Season

by Terri R. Marshall, CHSMS The Holiday Season is meant to be a joyful time of year, but it can be extremely stressful for many people. You can potentially be a lot happier and enjoy a relaxing Holiday with some simple planning, lack of excess and the proper focus/perspective. Stress taxes your immune system and is detrimental to… Read More »

Simple Solutions to De-Stress Your Life

By David Bohl Stress is one of the primary and most common causes of human problems in today’s society. From physical and mental health issues to relationship woes and problems at work, stress is a wide-ranging and implacable obstacle to achieving success and peace of mind. But there are many ways to fight stress, from easy everyday tips… Read More »

Stress Reduction Techniques

By Richard H. Walen Each of us has experienced times of emotional stress that impact our lives on many levels. These periods of time can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and also memory loss and forgetfulness. Extended periods of stress can have lasting effects on our physical and mental health. It is important to work on stress… Read More »

Natural Stress Relievers – How to Cope in This Crazy World

By Sherry L Harris Today’s world practically invites stress into our lives. Some of us have loved ones in Iraq, some are struggling with the economy, and if you’ve managed to avoid that there’s always the 50 hour work week to get you down. Rather than simply giving up and succumbing to this stress, find ways to overcome… Read More »

15 Practical Stress Management Tips

By Barbara Small 1. Get adequate rest. Adequate sleep is essential for physical and mental health. When working on long projects or with heavy concentration take short breaks every hour or two. 2. Use deep and slow breathing. One easy way to release tension is to take a few minutes to breathe deeply and slowly down into your… Read More »