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Passion as a Creative Force

How passionate is your life? Do you feel passionate about your work, your relationships, or your hobbies? Or has your life become an exercise in boredom and obligation? We usually envision a steamy romance when we think of passion, but passion can be present in any type of situation. Passion is that great feeling of excitement, joy, and… Read More »

How Butterflies Can Change Your Life

Butterflies are among God’s most beautiful and amazing creatures on earth. They metamorphose from eggs to larvae to pupae to the beautiful multi-colored creatures that we see fluttering about our flowers, gardens, and elsewhere. And they aren’t just fluttering around for nothing. They serve a very useful purpose in nature. They pollinate flowers and thereby we are blessed… Read More »

Panic Away: What is it, and Does it Work?

Panic Away is a natural set of techniques the creator, Joe Barry, claims can stop panic attacks and anxiety attacks without the use of medication. Mr. Barry developed a technique known as the “One Move Technique™”, which he says is an advanced cognitive technique born from traditional psychology that everyone can apply regardless of how long the anxiety has… Read More »

The Power of Acceptance

Inevitably in life we will have to face disappointment from time to time. Sometimes they may be little disappointments, and other times they may be great, big, heart wrenching disappointments. When this happens to us, we have a choice in how we react. Some of us may give up on our dreams, others may keep fighting stubbornly against… Read More »