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Open to Your True Potential

If you’ve ever tried unsuccessfully to create a bigger vision for your life, you are among the many people who struggle to recognize their full potential. There are many reasons this happens, but most often it is the result of childhood conditioning or limiting inner beliefs. If your parents were always belittling your dreams of greatness, or if… Read More »

How Important Are Your Goals?

No matter what goals you are working toward in life, you must have a strong investment in achieving them. If your goals aren’t important to you and you’ve got nothing to lose by quitting, you probably won’t summon enough motivation to get it done. Occasionally it is possible to push yourself to do something even if it’s not… Read More »

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating on something you didn’t want to do? It’s no surprise that we want to avoid unpleasant tasks or obligations, but procrastination can also infiltrate other areas of our lives and stop us from doing things we really DO want to do. Most of us procrastinate to some degree, like putting off housecleaning… Read More »

Ring Out the Old, Ring in the You: Resolutions into Reality

by Reggie Odom The turning of the New Year is a time filled with wonderful expectancy and excitement about what’s possible. There is an energy of vitality and aliveness, of new beginnings and directions. Our dreams and deepest desires rise forth in this shifting of the years. We notice our yearning to become more of who we’ve always… Read More »

The Universe is Waiting for YOU to Take Action

Have you ever held back on something you wanted because you were waiting for the conditions to be just right? Perhaps you wanted to start a business but you needed the money to purchase certain equipment, or you wanted to start a new fitness routine but you wanted to find an affordable gym to join first. And as… Read More »

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

One of the biggest challenges of achieving our goals is being able to stay focused long enough to see results. Most of us feel excited and motivated when we first set our goals, and that feeling can carry us along for several days, or even weeks. But then, what happens? We begin to lose momentum. We get scattered,… Read More »

Overcome Procrastination in 6 Easy Steps

When we decide to make changes in our lives, one of the biggest obstacles we might need to overcome is procrastination. We want to change (don’t we?), yet we keep putting off the very steps that will create the desired results. At times we might feel like a crazy person, starting and stopping, starting and stopping. Why can’t… Read More »

Nurturing Your Goals and Dreams

One of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves is make a conscious effort to nurture our goals and dreams. After all, isn’t nurturing care what makes everything grow? Think of the nurturing energy you provide to your children, your pets, your spouse, and even your own personal development. Without nurturing care, living things will die.… Read More »

New Year Resolutions Goal Setting Review

If you’ve ever had a yearly performance review for your job, you know it can be a tense experience that determines whether you receive a pay raise or not. Your boss will likely have a detailed checklist of your progress and success, as well as notations on areas that could use some improvement. While these reviews can be… Read More »

Setting Successful New Year Resolutions

It’s almost that time of year again – New Year Resolutions! Millions of people around the world are vowing to lose weight, quit smoking, stick to a budget, and more. How many will actually follow through with these changes? Probably not many. Have you done this before? Have you made promises to yourself and not kept them? You… Read More »