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Attracting Abundance Course – Part 6

Part 6: Activities that Attract Abundance Wow, we are really moving along now! Only one more section to go after this one! So . . . You now know what NOT to do if you want to avoid creating more scarcity in your life, and you’ve learned some new ways of thinking to attract more abundance into your… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 7

Part 7: Attracting Abundance with Consistent Effort More than anything else, the one thing I want you to take away from this mini-course is the fact that using the Law of Attraction to improve ANY area of your life is as simple as learning to think, feel and act in different ways. The way your life is right… Read More »

Self-Talk, Beliefs, and Prosperity

One simple way to attract greater prosperity into your life is by choosing carefully the things you say to yourself on a regular basis. Most people have no idea how powerful their self-talk really is! If you constantly tell yourself that you don’t have enough money, that you’re broke, that things always go wrong for you – guess… Read More »

Top 10 Prosperity Tips

Living a prosperous life is about much more than just having enough money. In order to be truly prosperous, you need to change your total mind-set from lack to abundance. You need to make a mental and emotional shift and start living your life on a more abundant level – in all areas! Below are my top 10… Read More »

Bittersweet: When Bad Comes Along with the Good

In life, there are cycles of good and bad. Times when our lives seem joyful and easy, and times when we’re struggling through what seem like endless difficulties. Then there are times when the two seem to co-mingle. These are the times I call bittersweet. Perhaps you’ve had a bittersweet period in your own life? Usually it begins… Read More »

Blessings Upon You

I find myself thinking about blessings a lot lately; more specifically, the concept of feeling blessed. In a recent article, I wrote about the bittersweet periods in life when we find ourselves struggling through difficulties at the same time we’re experiencing moments of joy, and the importance of focusing more on the happiness and gratitude we feel rather… Read More »

Simplifying Your Life, When Less is More

My husband and I have an ongoing battle about the “stuff” we accumulate in our home. While I do admit to some packrat tendencies of my own, I also like things nice and clean and simple. I go through periods of time when I’m gathering and storing up stuff (like books, clothing, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items)… Read More »

The Importance of Action in Manifestation

When we first decide to make positive changes in our lives, we usually underestimate the amount of effort it will take. It’s easy to dream and imagine a better life, but we also need to give form to our thoughts with decisive action. And that’s where most of us get stuck. Imagine that you wanted to build a… Read More »

Increasing Prosperity with Positive Thinking

Attracting prosperity into our lives can be accomplished by having the right frame of mind. The truth is, our thoughts are very powerful. They are capable of influencing every aspect of our daily lives, from our physical health to our social behaviors. I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “As you think, so shall you be.” If we want… Read More »

Being Willing to Receive

Fantasizing about great wealth is a frequent pastime for many of us. How wonderful it would be not to worry about paying bills, to be able to buy whatever we want, and have the freedom to travel as often as we’d like. It’s a lovely fantasy, but how accurate is it, really? One mistake most of us make… Read More »