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Attract Prosperity with a Mailbox Love Affair

Several years ago, I developed an irrational fear of my mailbox. At the time I was struggling through severe financial difficulties, and it seemed like each day’s mail delivery brought new “horrors” in the form of mounting bills, late notices, shut-off notices, and general bad news. Eventually I learned how to turn that trend around and begin attracting… Read More »

Call in a Wave of Prosperity

Stagnant energy can be a major cause of blockages in all areas of your life, including financial lack, lethargy and confusion, relationship problems, and more. You may be familiar with the benefits of clearing stagnant energy from your living space by giving your home a solid “Spring cleaning” each year – but there’s also a little-known activity that… Read More »

Demand Prosperity and Abundance

One major stumbling block many people experience when attempting to attract more prosperity and abundance into their lives is the perception that they must wait for some power greater than themselves to give the go-ahead. It’s very common to feel this way! Years ago, I used to ask for greater abundance all the time (beg for it, actually),… Read More »

Attract Abundance – Easily!

Have you ever believed that attracting money and other forms of abundance was difficult? Most of us have at one time or another. Here’s the problem with that viewpoint: according to the Law of Attraction, it must be true! For years I labored under a belief that I had to work hard to make money. When I worked… Read More »

Knowing Prosperity

One of the more challenging aspects of learning how to attract prosperity is the ability to “know” you’re prosperous – even when you don’t yet feel like you are! When your outer circumstances keep reflecting the illusion of lack, it’s easy to get frustrated because you think your attraction attempts aren’t working. However, that very frustration is what… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 1

Part 1: What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Affect Money and Abundance? Like most other people, you probably think of money as a tangible object that resides in your wallet and bank account until you’re ready to use it. You pay bills with it, buy products and services with it, and maybe even donate… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 2

Part 2: How Are Scarcity and Lack Created? The first part of this course explored the ways the Law of Attraction works to create your life, including your financial situation. You now know that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs have the power to attract a more abundant lifestyle – or more scarcity. What is scarcity and how does… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 3

Part 3: Thoughts and Feelings that Create Scarcity Are you starting to see how destructive a focus on scarcity can be? The more you lend your attention and energy to the existence of scarcity, the more you fuel it! What exactly do I mean by “lending your attention and energy to the existence of scarcity”? There are specific… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 4

Part 4: How’s Your Attitude Toward Money? Take a moment right now to tune into your core beliefs about money. Do you think that money is “evil”? Do you think it’s bad to want more money? Do you think rich people are cold and greedy? How do you treat your money? Do you respect it, feel grateful for… Read More »

Attracting Abundance Course – Part 5

Part 5: How to Form an Abundance Mind-Set Let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered so far: We’ve explored how the Law of Attraction works energetically (thoughts, feelings, beliefs). We’ve clarified exactly how scarcity and lack are created. We discussed the exact thoughts and feelings that create scarcity. We explored the importance of having a positive attitude about money.… Read More »