See Negativity as a Good Thing

Negativity in any form is…unpleasant, to say the least. However, what if you could train yourself to start seeing it as a good thing? No, of course the negativity itself is not a good thing. But it does provide an excellent opportunity to call forth something better. The next time you are confronted with something negative, whether it’s… Read More »

Visualization Made Easy

Have you heard about the great benefits of visualization, like more happiness, success, abundance, improved health, and better performance in all areas of your life? Visualization is undoubtedly one of the most powerful personal development tools you can use to improve your life, but some people really struggle to make it work for them. Are you one of… Read More »

How to Stop Worrying and Be Happy

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by worry, you know how difficult it is to feel happy at the same time. Worry and happiness are by nature complete opposites; they cannot co-exist. When you worry, you’re focusing more on the negative side of a situation, and therefore attracting it into your life! When you’re happy, you’re not focusing on… Read More »

3 Common Affirmation Myths

Since affirmations first became popular a few decades ago, there has been a lot of confusion and disagreement about how they should be used. You’ve probably heard some of this advice from experts before: affirmations must always be stated in present tense; they must be repeated 100 times each day; they must be spoken aloud; they must never… Read More »

Self-Worth and the Law of Attraction

Don’t you just love it when the universe “guides” you by putting all kinds of neat synchronicities and surprises in your path? This was my experience recently when I began pondering my limited success with the Law of Attraction. I’ve long been a believer that our thoughts attract (and often create) the experiences we have day to day.… Read More »

Create an Easy Gratitude Practice That Works

Most people would probably agree that a daily gratitude practice is beneficial and can change your life in powerful ways. But many people would also argue that it’s a major challenge to keep up with a gratitude practice. It’s not easy to feel grateful when you’re overwhelmed by stress, negativity, and struggle. Maybe you’ve even tried keeping a… Read More »

Start with Just One Day of Gratitude

Has adopting an attitude of gratitude been a challenge for you? Do you start each day with the best of intentions and then find yourself losing focus as you encounter more and more negativity? The problem stems from trying to change the habits of a lifetime in one fell swoop! If you’ve spent a large portion of your… Read More »

Learning the Art of Allowing

If you’re trying to manifest great things with the Law of Attraction, you’ll need to learn the “art of allowing” to make the process easier. What is the art of allowing? Being in a state of “allowing” means being open to receive your heart’s desires. That may sound a little vague because you probably think you’re already open… Read More »

Learn Law of Attraction with a Manifestation Journal

Learning to use the Law of Attraction can often be confusing and frustrating. Even if you understand the general idea of what you’re supposed to do (ask, believe, let go, receive), it’s not always so clear when you’re constantly bumping up against stressful situations that threaten your focus. When things around you aren’t so rosy, it’s easy to… Read More »

Let Gratitude Be Your Mirror

Have you ever heard that the people and situations in our lives mirror back what we project out? You can probably remember plenty of times when this seemed to be so. For example, perhaps you awoke one morning in a grumpy mood – and then proceeded to encounter one grumpy person after another during the rest of the… Read More »