Abundance Affirmations MP3

 Fun Affirmations for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

Are you stuck in a rut of focusing on financial matters with a very negative state of mind? For example, do you worry about money a lot, or complain about not having enough money? Do you say often that you’ll ‘never get ahead,’ or that ‘it’s not fair that others have so much and I have so little’?

Remember, whatever you focus on the most is what you will keep creating in your life! In order to start allowing more abundance into your life, you need to start focusing on abundance MORE and focusing on scarcity and struggle LESS.

Using targeted affirmations is a very simple, effective way to do this! Remember, an affirmation is nothing more than a belief that you keep repeating to yourself. The problem is that most of us have ‘NEGATIVE affirmations‘ running through our heads hundreds of times a day.

– We tell ourselves that we’ll never be wealthy.

– We tell ourselves that we never have enough.

– We tell ourselves that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’

– We tell ourselves that we are doomed to struggle with money.

Do you ever tell yourself things like this?

If so, it’s time to turn it around!

Turn those ‘negative affirmations’ into positive, abundance-attracting affirmations.

Start telling yourself that abundance is a state of mind; that you are READY to start receiving more abundance; that abundance is available to you right now . . . and you will start attracting the financial resources to make it your reality.

Abundance Affirmations MP3If it’s challenging for you to stay focused on the abundance you want and deserve, this Abundance Affirmation MP3 can help.

There are 25 targeted positive affirmations that cover:

– Believing that you deserve abundance.

– Loving the feeling of more than enough.

– Opening your heart to allow more abundance.

– Starting to FEEL more abundant NOW.

– Being willing to receive more abundance.

– and more!

There are 25 inspiring affirmations that are set to soothing music and looped THREE times. Repetition is a great way to help these new beliefs soak into your subconscious mind quickly.

How to Use These Abundance Affirmations

The affirmation MP3 is just over 10 minutes long, and all you have to do is listen once or twice a day (or more, if you like). Listen and repeat each affirmation. That’s it!

The more you do this, you will be forming a solid belief that you are always connected to your source of abundance!

P.S. Remember, attracting different circumstances MUST start with your thoughts first! When you change your thoughts, you form better beliefs, and your circumstances will start to change to reflect those new beliefs. The more consistent you are, the faster you will see results!

Get started now! Download these powerful tools and create the inner shift that will change everything.

Download the Abundance Affirmations MP3: